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Handcrafted in Eugene, OR from premium leather and shearling. Our standard fly wallet fits easily into any jacket or wader pocket. This wallet is perfect for a days worth of big winter steelhead flys, to several dozen nymphs and buggers, to a summers worth of classic salmon or steelhead patterns.


Designed to "roll up" when closed so that your flies dont get crushed. The high quality shearling means you never have to worry about hooks rusting, and our ultra strong magnetic closure system will protect your investment of countless hours at the vice. Classic style meets modern design

Standard Fly Wallet

SKU: 364215375135191
    • 9"x5" open
    • 1.25"x 3"x5 " rolled up and filled with flies
    • 4 rare earth magnets for strong closure
    • 3/8" pile shearling
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