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Handcrafted in Eugene, OR from premium leather and shearling. Our streamer fly wallet is big enough to fit a whole box worth of streamers, even if they are articulated monstrosities! While still folding up small enough to fit in the pocket of your waders. It will carry up to 120 streamers in the 2"-4" range and up to 80 in the 4"-6". 


Designed to "roll up" so that your flies aren't crushed, but will still fold down to save space. The high quality 1/2" shearling readily absords water so you never have to worry about hooks rusting. The final touch is the amazingly strong magnetic closure system which protects your expensive and time consuming creations while being quick and easy to open and close.  Classic style meets modern design

Streamer Fly Wallet

SKU: 364215376135191
    • 11"x7" open- one of the largest wallets out there
    • 2"x3.5"x7" rolled up and filled with flies
    • 1/2" pile shearling
    • 4 rare earth magnets for strong closure
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